Times when bail bonds is not an option

You may think it contradictory to say there are times when bail bonds is not an option from a company that specializes in this service.  However, there are situations where there really is no choice for an inmate at Santa Barbara County Jail.  The three circumstances  that will be discussed in this article are immigration holds, probation violation and parolees.

inmate being friskedImmigration Holds

If an immigrant comes to the United States without proper documentation and gets arrested, there is high probability that he or she will be detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.  ICE, as it is commonly known, is responsible for governing immigration to “promote homeland security and public safety.”  It was created in 2003 and has personnel who work with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.  If someone has been arrested for a crime and cannot show legal proof, then they will likely be deported from the country.  Unfortunately, this means that bail bonds is not an option.  As soon as it would post at the jail, that person would immediately be placed in the custody of ICE agents.


Another situation where bail bonds in Santa Barbara is not an option is when someone is on probation.  Of course, there is a distinction.  Informal, unsupervised probation is one thing.  In these instances, a bail amount may be set for the existing case.  However, if an inmate is on supervised probation by the Santa Barbara County Probation Department, then it is possible that he or she will be held until their agent is notified or goes to court.   In these cases, it is best that a friend or family member try to contact the probation department to see if there is some way to get a hold lifted if they do not wish to wait until the inmate sees a judge.

parole reviewParole

The final scenario when bail bonds may not be an option is when an inmate is on parole.  If someone has served time for a felony in the State of California or in Federal Prison, then a hold is automatically placed on an inmate if they are currently on parole.  In California, the parole system is run by the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO).  If it is a Federal level crime, then United States Parole Commission is the entity to contact.  In either case, a parole hold is one of the most difficult to get lifted.  The best method is to call the parole officer responsible for the inmate and ask what can be done.

Bail Bonds is Possible

Of course, there are other special circumstances where bail bonds in Santa Barbara is not an option.  Most of the time, however, it is possible for anyone who is not serving time on a sentence.  It never hurts to ask by calling a bail agent.

Author: Jae Brattain

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