Basics of the Bail Process Video

Simple video about the basics of the bail process

If you have never been through this situation, then this simple video can explain the very basics of the bail process.  The video has provided by an outside source, so if there are issues with the playback, then please let us know. Just in case it does not work and you can read the following: When someone is arrested, a bail amount is set. This is determined by the judges of each county. A person has the option of waiting in jail, or they can try to post bail. So, let’s say the amount is $20,000. If you have that money available, you can put up the entire amount and all of it will be returned once the case is completed. However, if you do no have those type of financial resources, then Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds can put up a bond. In exchange for this service, we typically charge a 10% fee. However, there are many discounts available. Another way of thinking about it is if you are paying interest on a loan, but up front.

If you want more information than the basics of the bail process

For further detailed information, you can visit our BailOnDemand FAQ page or give us a call at (805) 963-1233. We are open every day of the week and a live person will be able to answer any and all questions related to bailing someone out of Santa Barbara County Jail or the Ventura County Detention Center. Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds has been in business for over 50 years. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you and your family. Our understanding of the local area is second to none. Why call a bondsman from Los Angeles or San Jose? They know nothing about the process in Santa Barbara or Ventura.
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