Bail bonds as a Mother’s Day gift idea

A gift idea you may want to think about getting mom for Mother’s Day is bail bonds.  What better way to celebrate than to have loved ones together?  Sure, flowers are what most people buy.  However, for those in Santa Barbara County Jail, this could be even more special.

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day

Finding bail bonds in Santa Barbara is just a phone call away.  When calling an agent, just mention that it’s for mom.  Undoubtedly that person will go out of their way to make sure that the transaction is done quickly and smoothly.

If bail bonds isn’t an option

For some inmates, bail bonds is not an option.  Those who have been sentenced to serve will not have an opportunity to get released.  There are other options to bring the family together.  Visitation is one means in which mom can visit her son or daughter.  It’s best to call Santa Barbara County Jail to find out the exact days and times the inmate can be visited.  The phone number to the Sheriff’s department custody records is 805-681-4260.

If bail bonds is not an option for Mother's Day, pay a visit instead
If bail bonds is not an option for Mother’s Day, pay a visit instead

If a bail bond or visiting are both out of the question, then maybe a simple phone call will do.  Inmates are only able to call collect to local phone numbers.  Just bear in mind that the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department does not operate the system.  A company named IC Solutions is who you need to contact to make arrangements to receive calls.

Calling collect from Santa Barbara County to mom
Calling collect from Santa Barbara County to mom

Perhaps money is an issue.  Another way to have mom get in touch with her son or daughter is to write a letter or send a postcard.  Just be sure to properly address the correspondence, which must include the inmate’s name and booking number.  They do not allow packages or any kind of food, so double check to see what’s is and isn’t allowed by calling the jail.

What if Mom is the one in jail?

Of course, some mothers may be the ones who are the ones incarcerated.  What better way to show mom you love her by getting a bail bonds company to help.  It may be more affordable than you think.  Just call a local Santa Barbara bail bond agency to find out what they can do for your mother.

Don't let mom stay in jail!
Don’t let mom stay in jail!

Author: Jae Brattain

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